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INCTR Awards

INCTR gives two awards that are presented at the time of INCTR Biennial Meetings to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to cancer treatment or research in one or more developing countries. The purpose of these awards is not simply to recognize and honor the recipients, but also to show, by their example, that much can be accomplished even when resources are limited. It is hoped that their work and philosophy, brought, through the award lectures, to a broader audience than would otherwise be the case, will inspire others to greater efforts.

Each of the awards is named after a distinguished oncologist. They began their careers when there so little knowledge about the causes of cancer, that people could only live in fear that they would one day be a victim, while the diagnosis was usually hidden from those unfortunate enough to develop cancer because so little could be done for them. It is thanks to the resolution and fortitude of Dr Nazli Gad-el-Mawla, Dr Paul P Carbone and others like them, who worked through a time when cancer specialists were often accused of prolonging the misery of cancer victims through their efforts at treatment rather than helping them, that today, at least in the wealthier nations, more than half of those who develop cancer can be cured. Both Dr Nazli and Dr Carbone were responsible for training numerous young people, and so leave us a precious legacy through which their work will be continued.

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INCTR's success depends greatly upon the support of individuals, institutions and corporations worldwide. Members participate in ongoing projects, serve on committees, or simply provide financial and moral support.

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