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Clinical Research

Patients at St Mary’s Hospital Lacor Uganda

The overall goal of the Clinical Research Program is the improvement of survival of patients with cancer in developing countries.  To improve survival, it is essential to help build capacity for the conduct of clinical research in these countries.  By building capacity in clinical research, the quality of information will be improved and meaningful contributions to the evidence base for cancer control in the country or countries can be made.  INCTR focuses on cancers of women and children, curable cancers and cancers more common in low and middle income countries.

The projects and activities of INCTR’s Clinical Research Program include:

  • Coordination of disease-specific Strategy Groups
  • Management of clinical research studies
  • Administration of the INCTR Ethical Review Committee
  • Education and training in clinical research


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INCTR's success depends greatly upon the support of individuals, institutions and corporations worldwide. Members participate in ongoing projects, serve on committees, or simply provide financial and moral support.

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