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Management of Clinical Research Studies

All clinical research studies are managed by INCTR’s Clinical Trials Office.  The roles of the Clinical Trials Office are to:

  • Organize and coordinate Strategy Group meetings
  • Guide the process of study design and protocol-related document preparation
  • Coordinate external scientific reviews with experts in the cancer under investigation
  • Ensure that the studies undergo review and approval, including annual continuing reviews by INCTR’s Ethical Review Committee
  • Organize and lead protocol implementation meetings
  • Develop and implement study-specific data management procedures, including data base design
  • Serve as a data center
  • Ensure data quality by data validation of submitted data and by on-site monitoring visits at participating institutions
  • Organize follow up meetings to ensure that study progress and problems encountered are discussed among the investigators
  • Data analysis
  • Provide assistance in the preparation of abstracts, oral presentations and publications
On-Site Monitoring Visit of Cancer Institute, Chennai
Pre-Study Protocol Implementation Meeting

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