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Strategy Groups

Members of Retinoblastoma Strategy Group

Strategy Groups are disease-specific committees comprised of investigators from low and middle income countries.  In conjunction with INCTR staff and advisors, Strategy Groups determine INCTR’s role in the control of a specific cancer.  The groups undertake projects that are information-seeking about certain cancers such as presentation features or reasons for late diagnosis and treatment.  Projects may also encompass prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer or groups of closely related cancers. Projects are conducted with the full involvement of Strategy Group members at all stages – design, implementation, conduct, analysis and publication. 

Strategy Group members are also the responsible investigators for these research projects. They ensure that each study, after INCTR scientific and ethical approval, undergoes ethical review at the local level and that patient treatment, if part of a project, and data collected in the course of the project, are of the highest possible quality.

Projects are mutually owned by the strategy group and group meetings ensure that all members remain informed of progress and have an opportunity to discuss any problems that may have been encountered as well as results. Joint decisions are taken regarding publications, including topics and authors.

It is anticipated that Strategy Group members will take a leading role in assisting other institutions within their own countries or regions to reach the necessary level of competence to participate effectively in INCTR projects.

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