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Cataloguing the Evidence Base

The program provides training for scientists and health providers in the systematic process of review of the available evidence in order to both assess its quality and to answer questions of importance to effective national or regional cancer control. This program is designed to emphasize the importance of local research in controlling cancer, to assess the quantity and quality of existing information, and to help create a research ethos. It will also help to identify gaps in existing research results, and thus assist investigators and funding bodies to decide upon research priorities.

Breast Cancer in Low and Middle Income Countries.

A comprehensive catalogue of breast cancer studies relevant to low and middle income countries has been developed and has identified 4871 papers.  These studies will be made accessible on the internet via the Breast Global Health Initiative’s (BGHI) web site in the BGHI-INCTR Breast Cancer Control Library later in 2010. This project was supported by the Office of International Affairs of the NCI, USA.

Cancer In Egypt

A pilot study has been jointly undertaken by INCTR, The European School of Oncology and the National Cancer Institute, Cairo, Egypt. The initial phase of this study entailed creating the database of published reports of original research in breast cancer, bladder cancer, lymphoma, pediatric cancer and palliative care conducted in Egypt in the years 2000-2007. The results have been compared with electronic searches of four databases (Medline, Embase, Scopus and PsycLit). A report on the pilot study was published in Vol 7, No 4, Winter 2007-2008 of Network. The pilot database has been made freely available through the University of Cairo web site. This study was supported by the European School of Oncology, European Society of Medical Oncology and the Egyptian Foundation for Cancer Research.

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