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Community Health Centers

INCTR PAX Team, Doug Ennals and Ruth Ting with Santa Marcelina Hospital’s Primary Health Care Clinic Staff, Brazil

INCTR Brazil – Santa Marcelina Hospital, São Paulo, Brazil

Work is presently on-going to develop an extensive community-based palliative care program through the 67 primary health care centers associated with Santa Marcelina Hospital (SMH).  SMH is located within a district of São Paulo that supports the health care needs of over two million people. SMH Primary Health Care clinics provide a comprehensive array of services to some of the region’s most impoverished communities. SMH has developed an innovative program utilizing Community Health Agents (CHAs) who operate from these regional clinics.  The primary role of the CHAs is to interact directly with patient and families, most often in their homes in order to provide assessment and screening for health-related issues.  It is hoped that the CHAs can be trained to provide palliative care services, including counseling to patients with cancer.    


In March, 2010, NNCTR/INCTR Nepal moved its office to a newly constructed building located in the municipality of Banepa. This new building will serve as a center where general information about cancer will be provided to the public.  Cervical cancer screening programs will be conducted for the local community as well.  The building will also serve as a center where training for the development of a work force for organizing and conducting well-coordinated cervical cancer screening programs will be provided.  Additional offices within the building are rented to local shopkeepers in order to collect funds to support the costs of the expansion of the building as well as the maintenance costs.  

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