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Oncology Nursing

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INCTR’s Oncology Nursing Program will be developed by a committee of nurses with “hands-on” experience in working with nurses caring for cancer patients in low and middle income countries.  This recently formed committee – the Oncology Nursing Education and Advocacy Committee – has outlined a strategic approach to address identified needs for improving cancer education for nurses, particularly for those with no prior cancer training and for those with only “on-the-job” training gained by working with cancer patients.  As is inherent in the committee’s name, advocacy for the role of the cancer nurse within the setting in which they practice will also be part of the strategic approach such that the role of the nurse is promoted and in some settings, expanded.  The program will take into consideration that even basic nursing education levels may differ substantially among developing countries.  The overall goal of the program is to improve the delivery of quality cancer care by focusing on the needs identified by institutions as well as those identified through situational analyses performed by members of the committee.


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