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Palliative Access (PAX)

Palliative Care sensitization workshop for nursing students, Scheer Memorial Hospital, Nepal
Palliative Care sensitization workshop for nursing students, Scheer Memorial Hospital, Nepal

INCTR established this program to address the challenges related to the delivery of palliative care in developing countries in which such care can be hindered by limited access to opioids and other symptom-relieving medications, rural dislocation of populations, competing health priorities, war or political instability, and limited access to health care services.

The goal of the PAX Program is to assist developing countries initiate and sustain appropriate and effective palliative care programs in order to improve all cancer patients’ quality of life, and most especially that of patients who cannot be cured.

The main strategies of the PAX Program are:

    1. To help set up regional palliative care centers in collaboration with national and international agencies using the existing INCTR network. These centers provide specialist palliative care for adults and children with advanced cancer and other illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria.  In addition, they offer training for a broad range of healthcare professionals, and organize sensitization initiatives for the community and policy makers on the importance of palliative care.
    2. To provide consulting services to national and regional governments through assessment of their palliative care needs, and provision of advice on how to improve opioid availability and plan services to improve access to care.
    3. To promote the provision of palliative care by oncologists and other health care professionals not specialized in palliative care.
    4. To facilitate partnership programs between centers in developing countries with hospices in more developed countries in order to provide on-going education, training and support to centers in developing countries.


    • Stuart Brown, Director, INCTR PAX
    • Fraser Black, Co-Director, INCTR PAX
    • Gayatri Palat, Director, INCTR PAX India

    For more information about PAX, contact Elisabeth Dupont,

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