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INCTR holds the following meetings:


  • " Annual General Assembly and of Active Members
  • " Annual Meeting of the Governing Council
  • " INCTR Branch or Program led Meetings, examples include:
    • Annual Meeting of Members of the African Cancer Registry Network (AFCRN)
    • Annual One-Month Certification Course in Pain and Palliative Care (Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration in partnership with the MNJ Institute of Oncology in Hyderabad, India)
    • o Biennial Session on Palliative Care Development (held during the Congress of the Association of the Francophone des Soins Oncologiques de Support
  • " INCTR Branch or Program led Workshops, an example is:
    • Biennial Pathology Workshop, "What Can We Learn from Africa?"


In the past, INCTR held biennial meetings for its partners in low and middle income countries that served to bring together these individuals in order for participants to present their work, share experiences in informal settings, to assist in deciding priorities for future INCTR projects. They also served to present awards - one to an individual from a low or middle income country and one from a high income country - to honor both these individuals for the contributions they have made to furthering cancer treatment and research in developing countries. To read more about past INCTR meetings, click here. To read more about INCTR Awards and the recipients who received these awards, click here.

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INCTR's success depends greatly upon the support of individuals, institutions and corporations worldwide. Members participate in ongoing projects, serve on committees, or simply provide financial and moral support.

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