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Alliance Mondiale Contre le Cancer (AMCC)

AMCC has a special interest in French speaking sub-Saharan Africa and supports the mission of INCTR by participating in the planning and conduct of specific INCTR programs related to cancer care in Africa. AMCC focuses on four major programs:

  1. - Pathology
  2. - Early Diagnosis and treatment of retinoblastoma
  3. - Pain and palliative care
  4. - Research

Contact Information

Professor Martine Raphaël


6 rue du Perche
75003 Paris

Web site:

Registered Office Address
Alliance Mondiale Contre le Cancer (AMCC)
Institut Curie
26 Rue d’Ulm
75005 Paris

Officers and Board of Directors

  • Prof. Martine Raphaël
    President, Pathology Project
  • Mr Bertrand Levitte
    Vice-president, Funding Development
  • Prof. Pierre Bey
    Medical Director, Retinoblastoma Project
  • Prof. Jacques Rouëssé
    Treasurer, Training/information/communication
  • Dr Laure Copel, Programe Director, Pain and Palliative Care
  • Prof. Jean-François Joanny, Programe Director, Research
  • Dr Alex Duval, Programe Director, Research
  • Dr Michel Resbeut, Programme Director, Radiotherapy


INCTR Brussels staff with AMCC – Sabine Perrier-Bonnet, former Project Officer, Dr Martine Raphaël, President, Dr Guy de Thé, former Honorary President (deceased 2014) and Dr Pierre Bey, President, AMCC (Montpellier, France, 2010).
Dr Pierre Bey, President, AMCC
Sabine Perrier-Bonnet, Project Officer, AMCC

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