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The Brazilian Branch of INCTR is working to help coordinate programs in Latin America, particularly in pediatric oncology and palliative care. This branch has a major role in training and education in clinical trials management and in the development of systems for accreditation for investigators and institutions in the conduct of clinical research.

Contact Information

  • Sidnei Epelman, President
  • Eliana Cardinali Sardenberg, Administrative Assistant

Assioação Internacional para Tratamento e Pesquisa do Cancer

Av Nove de Julho, 4275
Jardim Paulista
CEP 01407-199
São Paulo, SP, Brasil

Tel:  55 11 3887 0593
Fax: 55 11 3885 7995

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Sidnei Epelman (President)
    Santa Marcelina Hospital, Brazil
  • Dr. Claudia Lancman Epelman
    Santa Marcelina Hospital, Brazil
  • Dr. Carlos Gil Moreira Ferreira
    INCA - Brazilian National Cancer Institute, Brazil
  • Dr. Dirceu Brás Aparecido Barbano
    ANVISA - National Health Surveillance Agency, Brazil
  • Dr.  Ethel Fernandes Gorender
    Santa Marcelina Hospital, Brazil

Advisory Board

  • Dr. Renato Melaragno
    Santa Marcelina Hospital, Brazil
  • Dr. Daniel Luiz Gimenes
    Santa Marcelina Hospital, Brazil
  • Dr. Riad Naim Younes
    Sirio Libanes Hospital, Brazil
  • Mr. Elison Broza
    Marketing Consultant
  • Mr. João Carlos Machado Ferreira Jr.
    Consultant in healthcare at Independent consultant, Brazil
  • Dr. Nelson Luiz Sperle Teich
    COI - Integrated Oncology Clinics, Brazil


Dr Sidnei Epelman, President, INCTR Brazil

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