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Adult Oncology

The Adult Oncology Program focuses on the prevention and early diagnosis of common cancers.  Public awareness of cancer - an essential component of both prevention and early diagnosis - is emphasized.  Students in training and community-based health care workers are trained to recognize the early signs of common cancers and to refer any suspected cases to local treatment centers. Specialist training in radiation oncology via distance learning is another component of program.  Adult Oncology Program projects are currently being conducted in India and Nepal.

Ongoing Projects

Nursing Students from Biyani Nsg College


Prevention and Early Diagnosis of Cancer in Poor Urban Areas and in Rural and Tribal Regions in Rajasthan

This is a group of projects aimed at promoting healthy living and the early detection of cervical, breast and oral cancers. In collaboration with the Biyani Nursing College, 2nd year nursing students are being trained in the visual identification of these cancers. In turn, these students, as part of their curriculum work in rural areas with women in Community Healthcare Education.  If suspected cases of cancer are found, the students refer individuals to Primary Health Centers (PHC). Additionally, on weekends, groups of students walk in the villages to provide sensitization and to promote cancer awareness.

It has a public private partnership with the state government of Rajasthan and a consortium of organizations, including government and private hospitals that furthers its aim of promoting healthier lifestyles, raising cancer awareness and the early detection of selected cancers.  State accredited social health activists (ASHAs) are trained to conduct these activities by national hospitals and report suspected cases to PHC.

Tobacco Control in Rajasthan

INCTR India has initiated a “Tobacco-Free Workplace” program and hopes to expand this within Rajasthan.  Its partner in this endeavor is WHO India.  

For more information about INCTR India’s projects, contact:

Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration /(INCTR Canada)

Lara Nara Program

The concept of the Lara Nara program is to use an internet-based distance-learning platform for radiation oncology that offers real-time student assessment, mentoring, feedback and correction for health professionals.  A pilot study was initiated in February 2016 with a group of Radiation Oncologists and trainees and is still on-going.  This is being conducted at the MNJ Institute of Oncology in Hyderabad, India in collaboration with Lund University, Sweden and the British Columbia Cancer Agency, Canada, in addition to Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration (TWCC).

Oral Cancer, Prevention and Early Detection Program

This collaborative initiative is a population-based screening and early detection program for oral cavity cancer with MNJ’s School of Dentistry (Hyderabad, India). 

The elements of the program are community-based oral cavity inspection using white and ultraviolet light examination (VeLScope) to detect early lesions, using triage of lesions according to risk level for biopsy and specialist referral, evaluation of biopsies using conventional and molecular determinants of tumor biology and UV-assisted determination of oral mucosal transformation associated with resection of oral lesions.

A pilot study will be initiated through protocol and process implementation commencing December 2016. 

For more information about TWCC/INCTR Canada’s projects in India, contact:


Cervical Cancer Screening (using visual inspection)

HPV Vaccination of Young Girls 

Education of School-Aged Children about Cancer 

NNCTR’s projects related to the early detection of cervical cancer and HPV vaccination of school-aged children are being conducted in collaboration with joint Nepalese and Australian NGOs.  For more information about the projects in Nepal, contact:

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