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Foundational Programs and Projects

Foundation-Building Program

The projects related to the Foundation-building Program are supportive elements to INCTR’s overall activities.  Projects may focus on various aspects of education, training, and infrastructure building that are not related to specific cancers.  They are also intended to identify new areas of endeavor, new collaborative initiatives, or activities that are more general than specific INCTR programs.   

On-going Projects

Publication of Cancer Control

Since 2013, INCTR has published four annual editions of Cancer Control with specialist health-care publisher, Global Health Dynamics.  The annuals focus on all aspects of cancer policy, prevention, detection, treatment and palliation. For more information, visit

Cancer Control Annuals

Cataloguing the Evidence and Undertaking Systematic Review

The purpose of endeavors in this area is to instill a scientific approach to cancer control based upon sources of information relevant to cancer or a specific cancer within a country or region and to make this information widely available, to assess its quality and to train health professionals to undertake systematic review of the data. Read about the systematic review of such sources that was undertaken in Egypt under Past Projects. 

INCTR UK and the Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International (CABI), publishers of the Global Health database are working with partners within Edinburgh University on creating a database that will be focused on sub-Saharan Africa.

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INCTR's success depends greatly upon the support of individuals, institutions and corporations worldwide. Members participate in ongoing projects, serve on committees, or simply provide financial and moral support.

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