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AMCC’s Program for Pain & Palliative Care in French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa

The goal of AMCC’s program is to improve pain and palliative care in French-speaking sub-Saharan countries through education and training of local doctors and nurses in the delivery of care as well as sensitization for leaders in these countries about the need for such palliative care.

To date, the main achievements of this program have been:

  • Collaboration with Hospice Africa France in the Organization of Training Courses, including  Lectures and “Hands-On” Courses for French-speaking Sub-Saharan African Countries
  • Workshops for Training and Sensitization within Countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo Brazzaville, Ivory Coast and Mali) 
  • On-Line Platform for Exchanges (with password protection) to Discuss Complex Cases:
  • Participation of Doctors and Care-givers in the Principles of Palliative Care.  AMCC, Hospice Africa France and Hospice Africa Uganda tailored the course to be delivered in French, although participants travel to Uganda for the training.
  • Session on Palliative Care Development (held biennially) during the Congress of the Association Francophone des Soins Oncologiques de Support in Paris.

For more information about AMCC’s Pain and Palliative Program for French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa, contact:

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