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Palliative Care

Palliative Care sensitization workshop for nursing students, Scheer Memorial Hospital, Nepal
Patient and Art Therapist” – photo courtesy of TUCCA Hospice

The Palliative Care Program has a broad range of projects and activities that are presently being carried out in Brazil, French-speaking sub-Saharan African countries, India, Nepal and Bangladesh. These projects and activities are coordinated by Alliance Mondiale Contre le Cancer (AMCC), INCTR’s French Branch, INCTR Brazil, and Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration (INCTR’s Canadian Branch) in collaboration with their partners.

A general summary of on-going projects and activities are listed below

Training and education of health care professionals (doctors, nurses and other allied health care personnel) in the principles of pain and palliative care

• Including certification of professionals participating in these courses

• Including specialized training in pediatric pain and palliative care

Sensitization of leaders within countries about the need for palliative care

Establishment of “Centers of Excellence” for palliative care

Provision of palliative care services to improve access and ease the burden on those needing end-of-life care

• Mobile palliative care units to provide in-home palliative care services and to deliver required pain and other supportive care medications

• Rural out-reach programs to serve those living far away from major centers

• Establishing district level units for the provision of palliative care services

Establishment of Hospices

• Dedicated in-patient hospital beds for palliative care

• Hospices that are outside of the hospital grounds that are focused on end-of-life care 

Psychosocial Support for patients and their families

Palliative Care Handbook

• Information about the handbook can be found under Resources/INCTR Publications.

A Patient Visiting with Friends” – photo courtesy of TUCCA Hospice

Please click on the link to the branch for a more comprehensive description of their respective programs, projects and activities in palliative care.

AMCC’s Pain & Palliative Care Program for French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa

INCTR Brazil’s Hospice for Pediatric Cancer Patients

TWCC’s Palliative Care Program for India, Nepal and Bangladesh

Contact for general information about Palliative Care Programs. 

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